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USE: The Sten Step makes ladders safer by bridging the fly and lower sections of an extension ladder with a smooth transition. Use of the Sten Step for any other purpose is not advised and is prohibited. Read all instructions before use.

Sten Step Customers Must Use Caution and Remember:

1. The Sten Step is for use ONLY ON EXTENSION LADDERS.

2. Before attaching the Sten Step, ensure your extension ladder is set-up on dry, stable, and a level surface unless secured to prevent accidental movement.

3. To use the Sten Step, ensure your extension ladder is free of oil, grease, or any other slipping hazards.

4. Ensure neither ladder nor Sten Step are loaded beyond their maximum intended load nor beyond their manufacturer’s rated capacity. Sten Step maximum capacity is 5 pounds less than the capacity of the ladder being used on.

5. Keep areas clear around the top and bottom of the Sten Step.

6. Do not attach, move, shift, or extend the ladder while the Sten Step is in use.

7. Use appropriate and safe footwear on the Sten Step.

WARNING: DO NOT USE the Sten Step on defective ladders, step ladders, fixed ladders, ladders built on the jobsite, or in conjunction with cages and wells for ladders. All Sten Step ladders are inspected for safety and quality control. However, if you discover a defect in your Sten Step ladder, you must contact the Seller within three calendar days of your Sten Step arrival to your address. For further instruction please visit the instructions page on www.stenstep.com.

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