Introducing Sten Step

Making ladders safer by bridging the overlap offset between sections with a smooth transition, the Sten Step bridges the fly and lower sections of the ladder. Each of the three steps gradually increase by 1/2 inch to make the normally 2.5 inch offset disappear and allow the user to safely traverse the extended ladder.

Makes extension ladders safe

Prevents jobsite injuries

Durable and easy to use

Ensure your safety on the jobsite, at home, or anywhere an extension ladder is used!

How did we come up with Sten Step?

Paul Stentiford is a state-certified general contractor in Florida for the past 33 years. His 87-year-old father, also a lifelong general contractor, almost missed the offset of an extension ladder. Upon realizing the potential danger this posed, he spent 3 years brainstorming the multiple prototypes to resolve this issue and developed the perfect product to remedy the issue. Thus, the Sten Step was born!